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Numerology / अंकज्योतिष

Nothing in the hand, nothing in the pockets, everything in the head One! Today's vibrations will push you towards new horizons and the desire to escape... But don't upset everything in your life One, but rather find the confidence you need to advance without depending on anyone. This vibration is more intellectual than material. It will push you to get out of your universe to act in a different way and meet other people to find new ideas and progress...

Trying and slow, today's vibrations will make you advance unevenly today Two... You will have the impression of dragging yourself along and not be able to act or will act badly... So this is the moment to clear your mind and get the affairs on your desk in order. Then you will be able to think about other things and get a new tempo swinging - why not start a new project?

If the last few days have destabilized you a little, today should be the day that you find an equilibrium again. The challenge will consist in make your relationships with family and friends better, to smooth things out and look for common ground. Don't step up the rhythm too much though, and above all don't be impatient! You will have to closely collaborate with others and be diplomatic...Some advice: be more receptive than active in your relationships, and go with the flow!

You may be spoiled by today's vibrations: they're speaking only of you... and in the best of terms! This is a time of renewal, discovery and new centers of interest that will be as varied as they are pleasant. Professionally, things will be better. You just need to harvest the good news. Sentimentally, you will only have to breath in the sweet smell of happiness... What more could you ask for?

Is today boring you Five? It's possible because today's vibrations will push you to think and wait rather than take action, notably in your sentimental life where the situation won't be very exciting... your close relationships will be somewhat fragile and you will be waiting for proofs of love that won't come forth today. Be patient Five, this slow period won't last long and happier days are forecast for the future...

The vibrations of your number will incite you to change your mindset and see events, others and yourself under a different angle. If you can do this the results will be immediate! You could realize something big for yourself and get tangible results on a material level. You will thus be interested in changing your way of working and getting out of the daily routine... there may be some nice surprises in store!

If the last few days made you step back from your daily life, today the wind is blowing in a different direction! This means Seven that you are going to find a new stability and equilibrium with others and yourself. Professionally, your close relationships may and should be better. With your family, it will be your turn to make a move: you have everything you need to create a harmonious environment.

Seven letters are in this word which starts with an "L" and ends with a "Y"... give up? The word is "Liberty" and it is the only word that will be on your mind today! Need independence? want to find an original path off the beaten track? Do you want to discover yourself on one that corresponds with you? This will be the program for today... Be careful not to forget others on their own path because sooner or later, you will need them to advance along yours...

This day will be one of union or collaboration Nine. Professionally, this will be the moment to sign a contract or get involved in a new project or participate on a team effort. But watch out, this doesn't mean going with the flow this time, but rather being active and making decisions. You and you alone will know where to go, how and with whom...

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